I use to not be that big of a reader. When I was a kid, i enjoyed my mom reading to me but never read much myself. Once I got older, and my mother stopped reading to me (or i stopped wanting her to as she would say), I read VERY little in my spare time.

That is, until i started reading Manga: Japanese-style comic book for those of you who might not know what those are. Although, I’m sure you do. Anyways, once I started reading Manga, I began to read western literature. From there, I began to write poetry and, following shortly after, I began writing little short stories.

However, I must admit to a few attempts at writing I made around the time that I almost never read. One of those times were when I had an art project for my 3rd grade Art class. My aunt read it and said “Wow, this is really great!”

Now, whenever I write, I always get that same feeling from when she said that. Yes, I was young and she might have just been saying that because of how young I was. Yet, it still doesn’t make me feel any less proud when someone complements my writing as it did then.

Now, I’ve begun to write and read even more in hopes to give people the same feeling of excitement that I receive from an escape scene; the same feeling of sadness I receive from character deaths; the same feeling of giddiness I receive from someone stumbling on there words in front of someone they have a crush on.

Hopefully, I can give people a stepping stone to help them get in touch with their imagination that so many of us throw away for “real-life”.

I’m Josiah E. May. But everyone knows me best as “The Wolf”.